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Beware, surgery and anaesthesia may affect your immediate memory

Turns out, surgery and anaesthesia can slightly affect the memory of patients. According to a new study, patients may score slightly lower on certain memory tests after having surgery and anaesthesia. In the study of 312 participants who had surgery and 652 participants who had not (with an average age in the 50s), surgery between tests was associated with a decline in immediate memory by one point out of a possible maximum test score of 30 points. Memory became abnormal in 77 out of 670 participants with initially normal memory…

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Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Diabetes Risks, Says Study

Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, is used to treat people who are dangerously obese. Leaving the fact that it is for people who are extremely obese, other people are also using the bariatric surgery to get in the desired shape. There are many types of weight loss surgery available depending on the amount of fat percentage you want to surgically remove from the body and their effects on your body. While many of us are afraid to let the needle surgically remove all the excess body fat, bariatric…

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