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Nature heals, entices: Kerala’s Bekal and Madikeri in Karnataka are simply beautiful

Bottle up the deafening sound of honking cars in cities and throw it in the calm backwaters as you cross endless tall coconut trees in the untouched north Kerala town of Bekal. Wish to further surrender to nature? Drive down from the beach destination to the Madikeri hill station in Karnataka, and soak in the green of the low hills. It used to be a task to reach Bekal and laze around on a less crowded beach while sipping fresh nutritious coconut water. Since the introduction of a daily service…

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Spend Time With Nature to Shun depression

A 30-minute stroll inside the woods every week can help lessen depression and high blood strain even as enhancing intellectual fitness, a observe on the college of Queensland has located.The findings showed that individuals who made long visits to green areas had decrease rates of melancholy and high blood strain and those who visited greater regularly had extra social concord. The take a look at, posted in the magazine Nature clinical reports, examines the institutions among the duration, frequency and intensity of exposure to nature and fitness in an city…

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Been far from Nature? city life will be raising intellectual illness

intellectual ailments and temper issues are more common in urban areas in part due to reduced get entry to to nature, say researchers on the university of Washington. “there may be an sizeable quantity of disease in large part tied to our elimination from the herbal surroundings,” stated Peter Kahn, Professor at the college. In a perspective piece posted within the magazine technology, the authors mentioned the growing tension between an arguably vital position city regions play in society and the numbing, even debilitating, components of towns that disconnect humans…

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