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The complicated truth about social media and body image

If you mindlessly scroll through Instagram or Facebook whenever you get a few seconds of downtime, you’re far from alone. But have you ever wondered how all those images of other people’s bodies – whether your friend’s holiday snap or a celebrity’s gym selfie – could be affecting how you view your own? Much has been made over the years about how mainstream media presents unrealistic beauty standards in the form of photoshopped celebrities or stick-thin fashion models. Now that influencers fill up our feeds, it’s easy to imagine that…

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Bitcoin Investment Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated? See These 4 Benefits

When the co-founder of PayPal gives an endorsement, investors take notice. Bitcoin started out as an investment in which most people struggled to understand the mechanics and value. At its inception, the cryptocurrency’s only investors were technophiles ready to try out something revolutionary. Less than a decade later, Bitcoin has made huge strides in the investment universe and its value has soared to incredible heights. A $1,000 investment in Bitcoin in 2011 would be worth over $15,000,000 today — and it shows no sign of slowing down. In 2017 alone, Bitcoin has grown over…

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