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Binge drinking affects male and female brains differently, here’s why

While binge drinking affects the health of both males and females, the effect of gene expression in an area of the brain linked to addiction was found to be different, finds a new study. Repeated binge drinking was found to significantly alter molecular pathways in the nucleus accumbens — a region of the brain linked to addiction. But, in females, the genes linked to hormone signalling and immune function are altered, whereas in males genes related to nerve signalling are affected. The study has significant implications for the treatment of alcohol use…

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Here’s how heart diseases affect men and women differently. Find out if you’re at risk

Heart diseases have emerged as the leading cause for fatalities in men and women world over and also in India. The risk of heart diseases to both sexes is grave, but heart diseases affect men and women differently. Over one crore annual deaths are reported in India and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) cause 20.3% deaths in men and 16.9 percent deaths in women. Despite having a lower mortality rate than men, reports have often suggested that women are more at risk of CVD related deaths. Another Indian study reports that the incidence…

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Did you know a heart attack can affect men and women differently? Here’s how

Previous studies on heart attacks suggests that causes, symptoms, treatments, and outcomes can all differ between men and women. Adding to that, researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Germany analysed patient data collected from two studies with a total of 4,100 participants. They found that within one year of having a heart attack, the women in the sample were 1.5 times more likely to die than men with similar case histories. The team are now urging doctors to provide intensive support to female heart attack patients, especially in the first 365…

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