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5 High Fibre, Weight- Loss Friendly Snacks You Can Munch Through The Day

Struggling to shed those extra inches around your tummy? Tried all sorts of dieting, yet no trace of desired results? Well, let us tell you a secret. Weight loss is as much about what you are eating as it is about how much you are eating. AlongsideĀ proteins, experts always recommend upping your intake of fibre for those on a weight reduction diet. This is because a diet rich in fibre helps you manage your weight by keeping you full for longer and curbing unwanted cravings. It can even regulate the…

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Friendly Colleagues at Job Your Gateway To Better Health

Your colleagues at work – and not your spouse or kids — decide how healthy you will be as you age, as you are likely to spend an average of one third of your day on the job. According to the researchers, health at work is determined to a large extent by our social relationships in workplace — and, more particularly, the social groups we form there. In a new meta-analysis covering 58 studies and more than 19,000 people across the globe, psychologists found out that how strongly we identify…

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10 Diabetic Friendly Fruits to Help You Manage Diabetes Better

Diabetes mellitus (DM) commonly referred to as Diabetes, is a chronic disorder. It occurs when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or when the cells of the body become resistant to insulin. In either case, the blood sugar cannot get into the cells for storage, which then leads to serious complications. Diabetes, perhaps more than any other disease, is strongly associated with the western diet, as it was uncommon in cultures consuming a ‘primitive diet’. However as cultures switch from their native diets, to the foods of commerce; their…

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