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Why is Healthy Food So Expensive? Maybe Because We Expect it to be

Imagine you’re in the aisle of your favorite grocery store, bombarded with hundreds of the latest and greatest products on the market. After grabbing a box of your favorite pasta off the shelf, you notice a new organic version of the spaghetti sauce you usually buy. Strikingly, the price is at almost a 50 percent premium compared with what your usual sauce costs. Here we go again, you think: You have to empty your wallet to buy the “healthy” stuff. If this describes how you think about the relationship between…

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Hate Winter Running? Maybe You’re Doing it Wrong

Many detest it and simply refuse to do it, while others do it begrudgingly while longing for spring’s sunny days. A third group, though, loves it and says that “it’s not a matter of bad weather; it’s a matter of bad clothing choices.” We’re talking about winter running – which even in the mid-Atlantic can mean temperatures in the 20s, high winds and freezing rain. None of this, though, has ever stopped Kathy Pugh, a Washington resident and coach who has been leading winter runs and race prep for nearly…

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Why I Didn’t Burst Crackers This Diwali (and Maybe You Shouldn’t Too)

I love festivals. Unabashedly so. The anticipation, dressing up, the traditions involved, the food (oh the food!!) and absolutely anything and everything about festivals. I dress like the demure Indian bride on Karwachauth, have my tree up every Christmas and love tossing popcorns into the bonfire on Lohri. But most of all, I love the month of Diwali. The period between Dussehra and Diwali is my favourite time of the year. The vibe of the Capital city changes completely. It is the month when the weather (thankfully) is sublime, there…

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