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Are You A Helicopter Parent? Here’s How It Can Affect Your Kids

Do you hover around your children in everything they do and guide them? Beware, it can negatively affect your kid’s ability to manage his or her emotions and behaviour later, and may also affect his or her academics, according to researchers. Children whose parents showed “helicopter parenting behaviour”, which means constantly guiding children by telling him or her what to play with, how to play with a toy, how to clean up after playtime and being too strict or demanding, became defiant, others were apathetic and some showed frustration. These…

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5 food myths every parent should know!

5 food myths every parent should know! (Getty Image) Here are some common food misconceptions that parents should know about… Myth 1: Sugary foods make kids hyperactive Various studies have concluded that there is no relationship between sugar and hyperactivity. Experts believe that children may behave in an uncontrollable manner not because of sugar rush but due to other factors like lack of sleep, poor diet with inadequate iron or lesser physical activity. Try giving your kids energy and nutrients through healthy snacks like whole wheat biscuits, etc. Myth 2:…

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