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Fenugreek Seeds: Here’s How Eating Soaked or Sprouted Methi Dana will Benefit Your Health

Alternative therapy can do wonders in taming from some the severest to the commonest of ailments. Some of our previous articles have already put a spotlight on the brilliance of the everyday kitchen ingredients that can also be used to promote health. Reams have been written on the versatility of methi dana. Not only do these amber coloured seeds excellent for flavouring food, these are also used extensively by Ayurveda to arrive at potions and concoctions to relieve common ailments. Earlier, we have had talked about the goodness of fenugreek seeds…

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Why should you have soaked almonds

Soaked Almonds Or Raw….Choose the healthy one (Getty Images) If you love eating almonds raw and hate the idea of soaking it overnight, then it’s time to put in that little extra effort. It’s not only about taste but more about picking the healthier option when choosing between soaked almonds and raw almonds. Why soaked almonds are better? Many are unaware that the brown peel of almonds contains tannin, which inhibits nutrient absorption. Once the almonds are soaked, the peel comes off easily, allowing the nuts to release nutrients. Soaked…

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