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Want to shed those extra kilos? Probiotics are a quick solution

Probiotics, which are becoming increasingly trendy, can actually help obese adults to beat the bulge, according to a recent study. Heidi Borgeraas from the Vestfold Hospital Trust in Tønsberg, Norway and colleagues examined the effects of probiotic supplementation on body weight, BMI, fat mass, and fat percentage in overweight or obese subjects. Previous research has also associated probiotics with weight loss and good sleep. The authors conducted a meta-analysis to calculate the weighted mean difference between the intervention and control groups. Data were included for 15 studies with 957 subjects, with…

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Do you tend to put on weight during holidays? Worry not, we have the best solution

For many, the best part of a vacation is to experience delicious meals and soak in the local flavours. However, all this gluttony can impact your health and show up on your waistline. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind while eating out during your vacation. We spoke to Dr Manoj Kuteri, wellness director at Atmantan Wellness Centre at Mulshi, near Pune, Maharashtra, and he says meal planning is the key. 1) Carry your own snacks. Avoid the temptation of snacking at airports as you are more likely to pick…

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Is the obesity solution in the garden?

Last week I spoke at the launch of the Empower Project, a joint initiative between Garden to Table and Life Education Trust, supported with funding from The Warehouse. Here’s a version of what I said at that event.  I have always thought it a bit strange that we refer to obesity as an epidemic. Using this word implies being fat is somehow catching, like a virus. However, looking at our childhood obesity statistics, you can see that there are some factors which, just as with viruses, make it more likely…

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