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This simple soup has magical healing powers!

1. Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth! There is a very old saying that a “Good broth will resurrect the dead” and we can’t agree more. You must have heard your grandmothers talk about the healing powers of soups and stocks whenever you catch cold or are suffering from a bad ailment. It’s a known fact that broths have some certain magical healing powers and even allopathic medicines sometimes don’t stand a chance before them. They help heal faster and are loaded with nutrients. Broths of beef, chicken, fish and…

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How 6 Everyday Ingredients Create The Ultimate Immunity-Boosting Soup

This easy soup is full of immunity-boosting foods: vitamin C-rich kale, vitamin D-enhanced mushrooms, zinc-containing chicken and chickpeas, and antioxidant-packed garlic. Plus, the hot, steamy broth and a hint of pepper heat get your nose running—great for flushing out sinuses and potentially staving off an infection. It’s a big pot of brothy soup that you can make ahead and enjoy for a couple of days; the flavor just gets better over time. You may be wary of the large amount of garlic, but keep in mind that it mellows considerably…

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Cabbage Soup for Clear and Flawless Skin

In their quest to look good, people usually focus almost exclusively on external strategies. Sure, technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and options are aplenty with an ever increasing array of anti-ageing products and treatments. However, anti-ageing begins on a cellular level, not on the surface of your skin as many skin care companies would love for you to believe. Your skin’s luster, tone and vibrancy are intimately related to what you eat, as your skin cells are in constant turnover and regenerate every month. Why is cabbage good…

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