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Work from Home Culture Could Be More Stressful, Leading to Insomnia

Daily work life is tough; battling traffic to meeting deadlines, it is a constant struggle. And the work only seems to pile up because there are just so many distractions at office due to discussions with colleagues, meetings and what not. At times like these most of us wish desperately for a work from home flexibility. It just seems a more productive way to make use of time. Working from home surely has its benefits, as you can plan your day, work in silence and make sure deadlines are met…

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Single stressful event can have extended consequences

A team of Indian scientists has found that a single instance of severe stress can lead to delayed and long-term psychological trauma. The study has been published in the journal Physiological Reports. The researchers found that a single stressful incident can lead to increased electrical activity in a brain region known as the amygdala. This activity sets in late, occurring ten days after a single stressful episode and is dependent on a molecule known as the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NMDA-R), an ion channel protein on nerve cells known to be crucial…

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Stressful jobs can actually make you find ways to solve problems

Is stress at your workplace affecting your life? A new study finds that stressful jobs can make you find ways to solve problems and work through ways to get the work done, instead of making something debilitating, it can actually be something that is energising. A new study finds that stress in your office – concentrates the mind, keeps you alert, improves your efficiency and even hikes up your productivity. According to The Mirror, the new research says, however, to enjoy these benefits of stress you have to feel in…

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