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Work from Home Culture Could Be More Stressful, Leading to Insomnia

Daily work life is tough; battling traffic to meeting deadlines, it is a constant struggle. And the work only seems to pile up because there are just so many distractions at office due to discussions with colleagues, meetings and what not. At times like these most of us wish desperately for a work from home flexibility. It just seems a more productive way to make use of time. Working from home surely has its benefits, as you can plan your day, work in silence and make sure deadlines are met…

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High Fat Diet Can Mess With Your Immunity, Leading To Cardiac Arrest

It has been known since ages that high-fat diet leads to increase in cholesterol content of the body, which further may lead to heart related problems. High fat diet may harm you in a completely new way suggests a recent study. Along with weight gain, constipation, slower metabolism and heart diseases, intake of a fat rich diet may disturb the functioning of your immune system as well. New research has uncovered a way in which a high fat diet could increase the risk of heart disease, by causing a harmful…

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Sedentary Lifestyle Leading Cause For Heart Disease In India

Sedentary but fast-paced lifestyle is a leading cause for heart diseases in India, a survey conducted by Curofy, a doctors networking app, has revealed. According to the survey, cardiovascular disorders are the cause of 25 per cent deaths in India and heart disease does not affect the urban and economically strong only, it also affects the rural and underprivileged population. The survey is based on 2,230 doctors and around 22.4 per cent of them said unhealthy food habits are the culprit, leading our population to an epidemic of heart failure….

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