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Work from Home Culture Could Be More Stressful, Leading to Insomnia

Daily work life is tough; battling traffic to meeting deadlines, it is a constant struggle. And the work only seems to pile up because there are just so many distractions at office due to discussions with colleagues, meetings and what not. At times like these most of us wish desperately for a work from home flexibility. It just seems a more productive way to make use of time. Working from home surely has its benefits, as you can plan your day, work in silence and make sure deadlines are met…

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10 Foods That Help Beat Insomnia

When too many nights spent tossing and turning cause you to dread your bedroom, instead of looking forward to slipping between the sheets, there’s no need to automatically reach for a sleeping pill. Instead, change your bedtime snack to a food known for its sleep-enhancing properties, and you’ll soon be visiting the land of Nod. While it’s true that sleep-inducing foods are not as powerful as prescription medications, they are free of side effects and require no prescription. So next time the late-night urge to nosh strikes, fill your plate with…

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Insomnia, Poor Sleep Quality Common for Men and Women During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women and their male partners sometimes report insomnia or insufficient sleep, which may be tied to depression, according to a new study. Almost half of women reported that they slept more than usual during pregnancy, but did not have better quality sleep, said senior author Tiina Paunio of Helsinki University Hospital in Finland. Overall, 12 percent of women and 15 percent of men had either insomnia or too little sleep, researchers found. “The results are well in line with those obtained from previous studies for pregnant women: symptoms…

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