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Drinking Water From Plastic Bottles During Pregnancy May Harm Your Baby

Pregnancy is a special moment in everyone’s family. There’s nothing like the joy of having a baby. But it is also the time for the pregnant woman to be very mindful of what to eat and drink. There are various factors that can affect the development process of your baby if you are not careful, leading to the onset of future diseases as well. It is no hidden fact that almost everything we eat and drink today come loaded with chemicals, and on top of that we also stay in…

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Pregnant and consuming Water in Plastic Bottles? Your toddler perhaps vulnerable to weight problems

it is the age of plastic, and with out us even realising, it has grow to be a not unusual feature in our every day lives. The plate that we consume on, the bowl that we serve, the meals that we keep in our kitchen cupboard and the fridge are all fabricated from plastic. Even the water bottles we drink from aren’t spared. despite us knowing how dangerous plastic is for our health due to the fact it’s miles made up of many toxic additives, it’s miles everywhere. in keeping…

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