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High Fat Diet Can Mess With Your Immunity, Leading To Cardiac Arrest

It has been known since ages that high-fat diet leads to increase in cholesterol content of the body, which further may lead to heart related problems. High fat diet may harm you in a completely new way suggests a recent study. Along with weight gain, constipation, slower metabolism and heart diseases, intake of a fat rich diet may disturb the functioning of your immune system as well. New research has uncovered a way in which a high fat diet could increase the risk of heart disease, by causing a harmful…

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Cardiac trauma: Turning ‘specialists’ to save lives

In 2008, a tailor suffered an injury to his heart when his wife hit him with a scissor. The 34-year-old was rushed to AIIMS Trauma Centre where no cardiac surgeons were available at that time, so a general surgeon attempted to repair the heart and succeeded. Since then, general surgeons at the trauma centre have succeeded in saving more than 20 lives -they repaired the hearts of patients who had suffered blunt injuries in road accidents or as a result of a fall from a height. “I have performed heart…

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Is Cardiac Health All in Your Genes?

The good news: Healthy behaviour appears to slash the risk of coronary disease in people at high genetic risk for events. The bad news: Folks with “good genes” cant expect their genetic makeup to offset bad habits, warns a senior cardiologist here. Basically, it means that the foundation for prevention has to be lifestyle, because it makes a difference regardless of your genetic risk factor. If you were at high genetic risk, you are not fated to have the problem. Lifestyle is important regardless of whether your genetic risk is…

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