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Inside The Minds Of The Best Students Of INDIA

JEE Advanced Results came out on 12th June 2016 and JEE Rankers 2016 list got announced. This year, for the third consecutive year — Embibe students did extremely well and some of the best students in the country took advantage of our analysis, tips, notes and study material. This year, we bring you snippets from an interview with a list of JEE Toppers 2016 where they shared more about their journey as well as various tips and secrets to maximize your marks, as well as cracking JEE. This includes things like planning…

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Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Side Unlocked Variants Now Available inside the US

Samsung will promote unlocked variations of its flagship Galaxy S7 telephones inside the US so consumers can transfer providers more without difficulty. Even though two-yr carrier contracts are now uncommon, customers are rather stuck with -12 months installment plans and can not take a smartphone to a rival until it’s paid off. Unlocked telephones have no such restrictions. They may be also free of carrier-precise apps for messaging, video and different duties, though Samsung nonetheless provides several past the usual version of Android from Google. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will promote…

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What’s Inside the iPhone SE? Teardown Reveals Exact Specifications

Apple says the newest addition to its smartphone lineup – the iPhone SE – is largely the same as last year’s iPhone 6s, only in a 4-inch form-factor. It has detailed a few specifications of the iPhone SE, but characteristically, not all. If the little information we had wasn’t good enough for you, good thing the hard-working souls at Chipworks have cracked open the iPhone SE to reveal all the innards. So what are we looking at? The PCB that sits at the heart of the iPhone SE looks very…

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