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International Raw Food Day 2017: 9 Everyday Foods That Are Healthier When Eaten Raw

The International Raw Food Day, celebrated every year on 11th July, is for everyone to learn more about the concept of raw food and adopt a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people, around the world, ‘Go Raw for a Day’, eating freshly prepared raw meals to encourage people to include more fresh and raw foods in their daily meals. A part of this philosophy is derived from the principles of the Paleolithic diet which is believed to have been followed by our ancestors. It mainly consists of foods that were procured through hunting and…

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international Yoga Day: “Yoga isn’t always a spiritual hobby”, says PM Modi

taking on those linking yoga to Hindu religion, high Minister Narendra Modi stated on Tuesday that yoga changed into no spiritual pastime and people ought to embrace it for higher mental and bodily fitness.Addressing over 30,000 yoga fans at ‘metropolis stunning’ Chandigarh’s Capitol complex, Modi also said that the UN-declared global Day of Yoga had come to be the most important worldwide mass movement.The rain gods, who had given a scare simply hours ahead of the yoga event, stored away at some stage in the nearly one hour session on…

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international hypertension Day 2016: Time every day Drop the strain

one of the heavyweights within the class of life-style diseases which might be becoming mass killers, hypertension or high blood strain is genuinely a cause of challenge. characterised by way of accelerated blood pressure, it’s miles the predominant reason of coronary heart-assaults, strokes and kidney failure. every day it’s far recognized inside the later levels whilst it’s far dayeveryday every day reverse the circumstance. that is because it does not mirror immediate daily. someone is diagnosed with excessive blood stress while the readings are constantly one hundred forty over 90…

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