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IBM’s New Tech Squeezes 30 Billion Transistors Into Fingernail-Sized 5nm Chip

IBM and its chip manufacturing partner companies Samsung and Globalfoundries still believe in Moore’s Law, and have just announced a new procedure to make silicon nanosheet transistors that will enable 5-nanometre chips. Furthermore, the technology can be deployed to affix 30 billion transistor switches into a single chip equal to a fingernail in size. The process details will be presented at the 2017 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits conference to be held in Japan, IBM says. The world’s first 7-nanometre chip was introduced in 2015 by IBM in a…

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BlackBerry CEO Says Tech firms need to observe Lawful access Requests

Tech corporations should follow lawful requests to get entry to covered records, BlackBerry leader executive John Chen stated on Monday, in thinly veiled grievance of rival Apple Inc for its recent standoff with the FBI. Chen made the comment in a blog posting after reviews with the aid of Vice and Motherboard closing week that threw a spotlight on a 2014 case wherein Canadian law enforcement government used intercepted messages among a few BlackBerry devices to unravel an organised crime network. The gadgets were customer telephones that were not protected…

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China Says Tech Firms Pledge to Counter Online Terror Activities

Twenty-five Chinese technology companies have signed a pledge to counter images and information online that promote terrorism, the Internet regulator said on Tuesday, months after China passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law. The Cyberspace Administration of China said the companies had promised to “handle in a timely way terror-related harmful, illegal information, create a clear Internet space and maintain social stability”. The companies which have signed up include Baidu Inc, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, and Sina Corp, the regulator said. Tencent, Alibaba, and Sina did…

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