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Exercise doesn’t cost you your memory

Exercise doesn’t cost you your memory (Getty Images) People, your nightly run isn’t causing you to forget things. Contradicting earlier work, a team of researchers has confirmed that new neurons created via exercise don’t erase old memories. Exercise is well known for its cognitive benefits, thought to occur because it causes neurogenesis, or the creation of new neurons, in the hippocampus, which is a key brain region for learning, memory and mood regulation. Therefore, it was a surprise in 2014 when a research study, published in the journal Science, found…

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Weekend Getaways That’ll Cost Less Than a Meal For Two: Mumbai Read more at:

Here’s something you didn’t know, you could plan a weekend getaway and spend Less thanĀ  what you would on a fancy dinner for two. So all you Mumbaikars, pack your bags, hit the throttle, and plunge for a break! 1. Go, raise a coast! a) Palgarh The scenic location of this princely state, replete with waterfalls makes it the perfect retreat. Mahim and Kelve beach are both at an arm’s distance from Palgarh. All you art enthusiasts, can get an introduction to Worli art here. Distance: 113 km Room tariff:…

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