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Regular Cycling May Not Have A Negative Impact On Male Sexual Health: Study

Challenging previous studies that claimed cycling could take a toll on the sexual health of men, a new study has said that the common form of exercise and transportation may not have the harmful consequences as previously cited.Cycling is one of the most common and popular choice of transportation and workout across the world, and the latest study addresses the claims which said that the physical activity could be harmful for the sexual health and urinary function of males. The new study revealed that the benefits of cycling “far outweigh…

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Cycling to Work May Help Beat Stress and Increase Your Work Output

To lead a healthy lifestyle, other than minding your diet, you also need to make an effort to partake in physical activities. This is a habit that you need to make consciously. Be it walking, running, yoga, aerobics or swimming, even 30 minutes of some sort of activity daily can take you a long way to staying healthy. Even cycling around can work wonders to pump up those happy hormones. What if you cycled to work? According to a new study, cycling to office can help reduce stress and improve…

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Cycling may cut risk of Type 2 diabetes risk

Cycling, often marked as a recreational activity, can significantly reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (T2D), if used as a means of transport to work daily, suggests a research. The findings showed that people who took up habitual cycling were at 20 per cent lower risk for T2D than non-cyclists. “Because cycling can be included in everyday activities, it may be appealing to a large part of the population. This includes people who due to lack of time, would not otherwise have the resources to engage in physical…

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