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Visit Romania’s fading architectural gems before they are lost forever

In a spa town nestled near Romania’s border with Bulgaria and Serbia, Oana Chirila puts on her hard hat and gets down to work with a dozen other young architects to try to save their country’s heritage. Some of the precious architectural gems they are striving to restore bore witness to centuries of Romanian history and the crowned heads who ruled it through the ages. Built at the start of the last century by Daniel Renard, an architect of Swiss origin, the site won the admiration of Russia’s Tsar Nicolas…

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Dal Makhani History: Punjabi Recipe That Revolutionized The Face Of Black Lentils Forever

The non-vegetarians across the country can’t thank the inventor of the Butter Chicken enough, for bestowing upon mankind the ever-so creamy and sumptuous delight. The vegetarians on the other hand, echo similar sentiments about Dal Makkhani. Now for those who are a fan of both the delicacies, we’ll make the job easier for you. Did you know that both the dishes were the brainchild of a single man, who came up with the lip-smacking recipe(s) in a bid to make his ingredients last longer. It is said that Kundan Lal…

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Slim Down Forever: 6 Expert Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Have you ever heard of a weight loss story that goes – “After just two weeks of a healthy diet, I have achieved my dream size and never looked back”?To make lasting changes to your body, you need to pick up a sensible, sustainable plan that you can follow forever. Of course, there would be a birthday, a wedding, Diwali and thus indulgence, but it’s important to take a U-turn and come back to the plan. You need a way of eating that you can sustain in the long run-…

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