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Why Advergames Can Be Dominant On Social Media. Lessons from Popsockets

Popsockets, makers of those very helpful devices that employ an expandable, collapsible grip and stand to help us avoid tangling cords and dropping our phones, has introduced a new advergame on Facebook as part of its “Swappable PopGrips” campaign.  While it is ultimately just a simple concentration game, it has considerable visual appeal and has been very successful. Popsockets “Swappable Sockets” game UNDERTONE Before getting to the specifics of what has made the Popsockets game a hit I have to confess that I always enjoy the topic of advergames when…

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5 Lessons I Taught My Children About the Food on Their Plates

Even when your garden is filled with a crop of sprouting grass, as ours is at this point in the season, you can still teach your children some of the basic principles of food production. Hard work, the complementary gifts of soil and water, and the disappointment of seeds that never produce food also yield valuable lessons. As parents, one of the most fundamental opportunities we can pass on to our children is that of experiential learning. Life is best lived hot (the beating noonday sun) or cold (the icy…

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