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Read labels: Here’s how to find out if the food products you buy are truly organic

The demand for organic foods began with fruits and vegetables when there were reports of pesticide residues in them. However, the popularity of organic foods has now extended to food grains, pulses, tea, spices and even oilseeds. “Organic foods have gained popularity because people have become aware of their benefits. They contain no chemical pesticides and fertilizers and are grown naturally with manure or compost and only natural pesticides and insecticides are used,” said Dr. Saurabh Arora, MD (Auriga research and Director at Arbro Pharmaceuticals) and Founder of Food Safety…

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6 Restaurants in Mumbai That Serve Fantastic Organic Food

  In today’s time, where most of us are cautious about how we look and what we eat, few restaurants are doing a great job in helping us turn towards a heathier lifestyle. Food that is grown organically is not just healthy for you but also for the environment. Keeping this in mind, organic cafés and restaurants are transforming the eating-out scene in Mumbai with their healthy greens, vegan beverages and gluten-free alternatives pitted against gluttonous joints that have crowded the lanes for long. From salads, sandwiches and smoothies to…

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6 Basic Methods of Organic Farming

In today’s time where people are falling prey to chronic diseases easily, who would like to risk their life with the harmful pesticides and fertilizers? You should know that there is a way to rescue ourselves from these life threatening chemicals and that is Organic Farming. Organic farming is not a new concept; it is being practiced from ancient times. Organic Farming is a farming method which aims at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way that the soil is kept alive and in good health by use…

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