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Delaying Pregnancy Till Age 35 May Make Your Kids Smarter

Living the life of a working woman is not easy. While you are trying to build your career to make a name in the competitive world, your family members seem to be more concerned about when you will marry, settle down and have kids. This is a common debate in various households across the country. You just don’t get to hear the end of the drawbacks of late marriage and late motherhood, and that biological clock which keeps ticking. Life decisions such as marriage and motherhood can’t be made under…

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Eat honey, gazpacho: Spaniards tell how to live till 100

With more than 17,000 people aged 100 or over, Spain is the country with the greatest life expectancy after Japan, according to OECD data and latest census. Average life expectancy at birth in Spain is 83.2, according to 2013 OECD statistics, just a shade below the 83.4 years on average a Japanese newborn can expect to live. Most of the centenarians interviewed for the story showed a zest for life and an interest in pastimes from amateur dramatics to playing the piano. Many also continued to carry out daily duties…

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Fighting dengue: 4,065 positive cases recorded in K’taka till mid-Sept this year

Highest number of cases have been reported from Bengaluru. Karnataka has already recorded 4,065 positive dengue cases in the first nine-and-ahalf months of the year. With another three-and-a-half months to go, the state could well exceed last year’s figure of 5,077 cases by the end of 2016. A quick look at the figures (see box) show, the number of dengue cases has been on the rise over the years, which doctors say is a worrying trend. Of the 4,065 cases this year, Bengaluru has reported the highest number (544), followed…

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