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Set Realistic Goal If you are currently at 30% or above body fat, you can’t get down to a single-digit body fat in just a month or two. Always set practical and realistic fitness goals. Divide your goal into micro goals. Set Deadlines Deadlines keep you on track. A lot of people fail in their fitness resolutions due to lack of a deadline. It actually works as a motivating factor. Make it Public Making your resolution public gives you a psychological boost. Moreover, declaring your resolution socially, binds you to…

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One woman Loses Her existence each 5 minutes in the course of toddler start: WHO

each five mins, at least one Indian lady dies at some point of being pregnant and toddler beginning, the arena health organization (WHO) found out. in keeping with WHO, of the 529,000 maternal deaths taking place every year, 136,000 or 25.7 consistent with cent take place in India. “In fact, two-thirds of maternal deaths occur after transport, postpartum hemorrhage being the maximum typically reported hassle. The prevalence of emergency postpartum hysterectomies is set 83/one hundred,000 with a maternal mortality of 17.7 per cent and a perinatalmortality of 37.5 according to…

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Cairn India On Course to Roll Out Enhanced Oil Recovery Plan

New Delhi: Cairn India is set to launch the world’s largest enhanced oil recovery programme, investing about $760 million in the site where its first oil was discovered in the Thar desert of Rajasthan. As part of the plan, the company will complete 100 exploration and appraisal wells and 350 development wells in 2016, Cairn India chief executive Mayank Ashar told PTI. The EOR (enhanced oil recovery) spending spans over Mangala and Bhagyam oil fields in the Rajasthan block to help arrest the natural decline and maintain production. Almost two…

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