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Soda Taxes May Spread if Voters Check Ballots in California, Colorado

As Americans vote for a new president on Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of voters in California’s Bay Area and Boulder, Colorado, will also decide whether they want levies on sugary drinks, another step toward making soda taxes a norm. Three cities in California – San Francisco, Berkeley and Albany – and Boulder, Colorado, have become the latest battleground in a so-called “War on Sugar” that centers on sweetened drinks. Over 800,00 voters will decide on ballot measures to introduce taxes of 1 or 2 cents per ounce on soft drinks…

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New Gene Therapy May Check Spread of Breast Cancer

Researchers are in the process of developing a new gene therapy technique that could be used alongside chemotherapy to treat early-stage breast cancer tumours before they spread. The new technique uses microRNAs — small noncoding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression — to control metastasis or the spread of the disease, which is the leading cause of mortality in women with breast cancer. “If cancer is diagnosed early enough, then in addition to treating the primary tumour (with chemotherapy), one could also treat with specific microRNAs, in order to prevent…

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6 diet C blessings: keep Your levels in check

diet C, also referred to as ‘ascorbic acid’, is an vital nutrient required by the body. This water-soluble nutrient acts a effective antioxidant wished for the improvement and maintenance of arteriole, scar tissues and cartilage. sure fruits and vegetable filled with diet C can help us satisfy our daily necessities. these include Kiwi fruit, broccoli, guava, yellow bell peppers, darkish inexperienced leafy vegetables like spinach, Swiss chard and turnip veggies, tomatoes, strawberries and papaya. Delhi-based Nutritionist and diet representative, Nidhi Sawhney explains, “The human frame doesn’t have the capability to…

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