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Here’s How Your Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Ageing

You know those people, the ones who are older than you but act decades younger? They embody the phrase “70 is the new 50.” Actually, in their cases, 70 seems to be the new 30 because they radiate so much youth and energy. These folks may have A+ genetics, which undeniably contributes to their health, but eating nutritious foods, managing stress and making smart lifestyle choices have also been proven to slow the aging process and stave off disease. Graceful aging isn’t about avoiding wrinkles and gray hair; the ultimate…

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Healthy food choices for students on the go

Raiding the refrigerator is a cinch when you want a late-night snack at home. But when you’re living in a dorm without a full kitchen, it can be slim pickings. Fortunately, there are plenty of good, healthy choices that take little or no preparation and can be easily stored in a dorm room or compact refrigerator. Here are some breakfast foods, snacks, and frozen entrees that received high marks from the food testers at Consumer Reports. Frozen waffles Frozen waffles are a good breakfast choice for students with a shared…

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Here’s How to Resist Cravings and Make Healthy Choices

Weight-loss does not completely depend how many hours you spend at the gym or how grueling your fitness regime is. The result of a workout is compromised when not paired with the correct lifestyle and a balanced diet. Not only do we need to be watchful of what we eat but must also resist temptations, for it is a vicious thing. If you’ve been wondering why those everyday runs are not yielding enough results, screen your diet. If your meticulously charted meals are filled-in with a bite of cake here or a few sips…

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