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This is why your cycle gets messed up when you travel

If your period has ever come super early or not at all while traveling, you’re not imagining things. Whether you’re crossing several time zones or waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the first flight of the morning, heads up: Any kind of travel can affect the two primary hormones—melatonin and cortisol—that control your cycle. “Even subtle changes to your daily pattern — waking up early one day and then sleeping late the next — can have a small effect on your melatonin levels,” Dr. Anita Mitra, an NHS gynaecologist, told…

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Menstrual cycle doesn’t impact training, performance: Study

A recent study, published in the Journal of Physiology, has found that doing fixed intensity exercise during menstrual cycle does not affect a woman’s autonomic heat responses (skin blood flow and sweating). That’s according to a collaboration between Massey University, the University at Buffalo and the University of Otago. They also found that exercise performance was impaired by humid heat due to the reduced ability of the body to sweat effectively. The research studied the effects of heat on ten well-trained women across their menstrual cycles. Each woman completed four…

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Break the holiday cycle

Break the holiday cycle Why do so many people find it hard to stick to healthy eating during the holiday season? To put it simply, you get trapped in the ‘Holiday Cycle’. Late Nights The Holiday Cycle for unhealthy eating starts off with late nights. Parties, weddings and hosting relatives can lead to sleeping way later than you usually do, making you wake up way later than you usually do. Which then leads to… Reduced Exercise Your schedule changes when you are waking up late. You end up having much…

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