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SpiceJet Offers Business Class Seats on Boeing 737 Acquired from Jet Airways, Discounts Upto 40 Percent

Gurugram –based carrier Spicejet is now offering fares at 30-40% less than its competitors. Reports citing experts suggest that the average business class fares are likely to moderate in the near future following the conclusion of operation of India’s largest provider, Jet Airways. The company is offering lowered price on domestic routes between major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad starting May 11. Since Jet shuttered, SpiceJet is operating the Boeing 737-800 aircraft with the unchanged seat configuration including the business class cabin. So far, SpiceJet has inducted…

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Did You Know: Jet Lag Can Affect More Than Just Your Sleep Cycle

Jet lag can put the brakes on the most exciting vacations. Almost everyone who has ever flown across time zones knows what it feels like. The experience ranks somewhere between eating day-old cooked oatmeal and nursing a hangover. These food and drink metaphors aren’t just a coincidence. Jet lag, it turns out, affects more than our sleep; it affects our internal organs as well. Given what is known about the importance of intestinal bacteria (called the microbiome) and their connection to immune function and well-being, it’s clear that any discussion…

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Here’s What You Can Do For Jet Lag

Jet lag is a tough problem to get sympathy for. Travelling across multiple time zones is often a cause for jealousy, not compassion. But high-speed plane travel to a location that is out of sync with your body’s internal clocks can cause more than just sleepiness. Symptoms of jet lag also include irritability, disorientation, nausea, gastrointestinal distress and trouble concentrating. And an upcoming trip has me worried. I’ll be traveling three time zones to the west for a week of vacation in Alaska, followed by less than 48 hours at…

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