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Ghee Versus Butter: Which One is Better?

Ghee has made a comeback into the Indian kitchen in recent years, and what a spectacular comeback it has been. After been blamed for being a weight-gaining and unhealthy part of our diet for years – Ghee is now trending as the new superfood. Truth is, it keeps your gut healthy, is a source of good fats and is superb for the skin too! Healthy and monitored doses of ghee are actually being recommended by nutritionists around the world. “Ghee can be had in small quantities daily as a source…

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Here’s why you shouldn’t say no to ghee

Don’t say no when you mother adds a tiny spoon of ghee to your favourite food. It is a myth that you will put on weight if you add some ghee to your everyday diet. In fact, the greasy and yummy ingredient has several health benefits. Read on… – According to several nutritionists, ghee helps in digestion. It secretes stomach acids that help in digestion and doesn’t make you lethargic like other fatty oils do. – Do you have a vitamin deficiency? If yes, you should be adding ghee to…

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Here’s why Ghee is the new superfood

For decades, the jar of ghee on our kitchen shelves came with a huge dollop of guilt. Now, it’s making a comeback as a superfood. At her baby shower next week, south Mumbai resident Sadhna Desai will be handing out trendy gift hampers. But instead of the usual cake and cookies combo or a wine and cheese selection, her guests will get glass jars filled with desi cow ghee and a bottle of ghee-based chyawanprash. A little note tucked inside will explain the wholesome goodness of this traditional superfood. Clarified…

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