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8 Foods You Must Load Up For Healthy Gums

Oral hygiene is defined as the practice of keeping one’s mouth clean and free of diseases and other problems like bad breath. Looking after the health of your teeth to prevent tooth decay is only a part of good oral hygiene practice and not the whole thing. To make sure you are taking good care of your oral health, it is as important to take care of the gums too, which are the soft tissue lining of the mouth. They surround the teeth and provide a protective seal around them….

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Vitamin E Deficiency May Affect Learning Skills in Babies, Load up on the Nutrient With these Foods

Pregnant women have to be extremely careful about the food they consume as it not only nourishes the mother but also the baby in the womb. Any deficiency can lead to health problems in the new born. According to a new research, babies who lacked vitamin E nourishment while in the womb are likely to be at an increased risk of developing impairments in mental skills that include learning and metabolic problems. The study was carried out on zebrafish because their neurological development is similar to that of a human,…

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