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Arla unveils Lockerbie plant investment

The investment will see processing facilities upgraded at the Lockerbie plant Dairy giant Arla is to invest £5.5m to upgrade processing facilities at its Scottish plant in Lockerbie. It is part of a UK-wide package of £72m to be spent this year, which the company said showed its “clear commitment” to dairy production. In total 10 of its 12 sites will receive investment in 2018. Arla said the latest developments would take the total spent at Lockerbie to more than £44m in recent years which showed its “strategic importance”. The…

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Plant Compounds May Boost Brain Power in Elderly

The same compounds that give plants and vegetables their vibrant colours might be able to boost brain functioning in older adults, new research suggests. People get these compounds, known as carotenoids, from their diets, and two of them – lutein and zeaxanthin – have been shown in previous research to bolster eye and cognitive health in older adults. What is not known is the neural mechanisms underlying the relationship between these compounds and cognition, said first author of the study Cutter Lindbergh from Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, University…

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A Tiny Power Plant You Could Swallow to Fight Cancer

Human beings benefit from more than four billion years of evolution in bio-energy. But come on. We can do better than that. So a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are at work on a tiny battery made of our own chemicals they could put in a pill you’d swallow – a micro power plant that could deliver controlled-release therapies to fight disease with previously impossible precision and safety. Conventional time-release capsules deliver medicines in the form of small molecules. The more complex the agent, the more power and…

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