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Avoid processed food, ditch hot beverages and sugary drinks: Tips for healthy teeth

There are many myths around dental care, right from only sugar causes cavities to all mouthwashes do the same job. During the monsoon though, sensitivity and trouble in jaw/teeth is a common thing. To prevent that, avoid having steaming hot food or beverages and floss regularly, say experts. Romsha Vashishth, Consultant, Oro-Dental Surgeon and Implantologist at Columbia Asia Hospital and Aarti Bhasin, Consultant Dentist at Prive Skin & Wellness Clinic have listed few tips: * Follow an oral hygiene routine: Brush your teeth twice a day and use desensitise toothpaste to avoid sensitive teeth…

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Absurdly hot chili peppers are actually amazingly good for you

SUPER-SPICY PEPPERS AND crippling hot sauces are having a heyday. But while fire-breather types have long boasted of the health-boosting and fat-burning benefits of the fruits, but not many studies have tested their health-promoting benefits—until now. Hot peppers may actually help you live longer, according to a new study published in PLoS ONE. The researchers studied data on 16,000 Americans from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey who were followed for 23 years, and discovered that the people who tortured themselves to the strains of hot red chili peppers…

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Water-based exercises will always remain a hot trend

Water-based exercises are not a new trend. But the fact is that these kind of exercises will always remain a hot fitness fad. And experts agree. Asif Shaikh, a fitness professional, says, “Water-based exercises are good for people who have knee and joint problems and slipped disc issues. Beginners also get a metabolic benefit.” Fitness professionals say that since these are low-impact exercises, they are easy on the joints and can be done by everyone. Victor D’Lima, a fitness professional, adds, “When you exercise in water, you don’t have any…

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