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Five Social Media Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Job Search

ear Liz, I’ve been “cleaning up” my social media presence lately because I’m about to start a job search. What do I need to do to my social media pages to make sure I’m job-search-ready? Thanks, Leona Shutterstock Dear Leona, Good thinking! I’m sure you know that the majority of employers will check out a candidate’s social media presence before making a job offer. Here are five social media mistakes that could really slow down your job search: Risque or racy content on your social media pages Offensive sentiments or…

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Friendly Colleagues at Job Your Gateway To Better Health

Your colleagues at work – and not your spouse or kids — decide how healthy you will be as you age, as you are likely to spend an average of one third of your day on the job. According to the researchers, health at work is determined to a large extent by our social relationships in workplace — and, more particularly, the social groups we form there. In a new meta-analysis covering 58 studies and more than 19,000 people across the globe, psychologists found out that how strongly we identify…

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Job Insecurity Tied to Increased Risk of Diabetes

People who are worried about losing their jobs may be more likely to be diagnosed withdiabetes, according to a new analysis. Compared to people who felt secure in their jobs, people who were experiencing so-called job insecurity had a 19 percent higher rate of new cases of diabetes, which researchers called a “modest increased risk.” The study can’t prove that job insecurity causes diabetes. Still, said lead author Jane Ferrie, “In an ideal world, the sort of thing I’d like to see come out of this study is a reduction…

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