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This Antibiotic Drug May Disrupt the Formation of Fears and Negative Thoughts

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder surfaces in people who have had experienced a traumatic, shocking event. Trauma triggers a host of changes in human body. Fear, when coupled with trauma can lead to a difficulty in dealing with the initial symptoms of stress. Those who take longer to get over the event – and continue to feel threatened, panicky or fearsome even after considerable time – can be diagnosed with PTSD. The symptoms and intensity of people with PTSD range from person to person. “Not every traumatized person develops ongoing (chronic) or…

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13 negative side effects of not getting enough protein

HERE’S THE HARD truth: Most of us don’t get enough protein. Alternatively, some guys think “the more protein, the better,” and over-consume it when they do sit down to eat, chomping down a 30g protein bar and washing it down with a protein shake that’s got upwards of 50g, says Jordan Mazur, M.S., R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley. To put it bluntly: Both are bad. Everyone has a protein intake ceiling. It varies with your height and weight, but most people can absorb at most 30-42g per meal….

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Low thyroid linked to negative reproductive health of women

Low thyroid functioning may be directly linked to negative impact on women’s reproductive health, medical experts here said on Monday. According to them, Hypothyroidism — when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone — is more common a cause for infertility and miscarriage in women than most of them realize. “Thyroid disorders are very common during pregnancy. Over 25 per cent women develop hypothyroidism during the 6th week. Secretion of thyroid hormone is important for both placental and foetal development and the level needs to increase by 50 per…

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