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Five Social Media Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Job Search

ear Liz, I’ve been “cleaning up” my social media presence lately because I’m about to start a job search. What do I need to do to my social media pages to make sure I’m job-search-ready? Thanks, Leona Shutterstock Dear Leona, Good thinking! I’m sure you know that the majority of employers will check out a candidate’s social media presence before making a job offer. Here are five social media mistakes that could really slow down your job search: Risque or racy content on your social media pages Offensive sentiments or…

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What does actress Deanna Yusoff search for while traveling?

halfway through our interview at a comfortable brunch region in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, actress Deanna Yusoff has a form of epiphany. She has been speaking approximately the joy of visiting. It’s a shape of escapism, she explains. perhaps she enjoys the anonymity, I propose. “That’s proper!” she says, her eyes lighting fixtures up at the revelation. Then, with fun, she provides, “I don’t trouble placing on makeup or quality clothes.” dressed in a flowy turquoise get dressed for our meeting, with a hint of blush and lipstick on her perfectly…

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