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President Trump Proclaims the Start of National Small Business Week 2017

National Small Business Week is here once again! The week started off as it has since the early 1960s, with a Presidential proclamation. This year, President Donald Trump heralded the beginning of National Small Business Week with the following statement: “During Small Business Week, we celebrate our Nation’s small business owners, whose entrepreneurship and hard work bring jobs and prosperity to our communities. Small business owners embody the American pioneering spirit and remind us that determination can turn aspiration into achievement. This week, we affirm our commitment to removing government…

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Trump: Slash the health research budget. Congress: No.

Budget appropriators have rejected Trump’s vision for a slimmer NIH — at least for now.Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images It has been a jittery couple of months for the health research community, as the Trump administration has been casting about for spending to cut from the federal budget. In March, the White House threatened the National Institutes of Health with a $1.2 billion budget cut this year, followed by another $5.8 billion cut in 2018. Some of that anxiety was just allayed — at least temporarily. In an agreement reached…

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