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Dancers from around the world show off at Irish Dancing Championships

Dancers from around the world will stomp the floorboards and leap into the air as they show off their best moves at Dublin’s World Irish Dancing Championships this week. The April 9-16 event draws some 5,000 performers from Ireland and overseas, including from both the Irish diaspora in places like the United States and Australia as well as less likely countries such as Russia and Japan. Contestants range in age from eight to 30, according to the organizers. Excitement was palpable backstage on Tuesday as performers warmed up for the…

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Blood Pressure Spike Around Doctors Might Point to Heart Problem

Some older people who get what’s known as white coat hypertension – a spike in blood pressure at the doctors’ office – may have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, a study suggests. White coat hypertension is pretty common – lots of people get stressed out around doctors and it’s not unusual for this to result in high blood pressure readings for patients who have normal blood pressure outside the exam room, researchers note in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. When researchers examined data on…

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On The Oscars Red Carpet, A Trip Around the World

Jennifer Lawrence photographed at the Academy Awards on February 29. (Image Courtesy: AFP) Brie Larson wore Gucci, the label revivified by Alessandro Michele: a billowy, bold, blue ruffled frock whose lightness was bisected and somewhat weighed down by a large jeweled belt. Cate Blanchett returned to one of her regular sponsors, Armani, who made over red-carpet dressing in the 1990s with beige and subtle sequins (Fashion Review) Turns out the Oscar outfits were also white, #SoWhite…#SewWhite. Not merely the fabrics – though the nominee Rooney Mara looked like a medieval-castle…

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