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One in Seven Kids Suffers From High Blood Pressure, Finds Survey

Hypertension or high blood pressure which was one considered to be an age-old disease is now becoming a growing concern. It has translated into a common lifestyle disease due to the high levels of stress and unhealthy eating habits that most of us are subjected to. According to a new survey, this chronic problem is now becoming increasingly common amongst kids – a fact that comes as quite a surprise.  According the a new survey conducted by a group of doctors in the paediatrics department of Gandhi Medical College (GMC), Hyderabad, one in seven…

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Seven hacks to good health for mothers

Eat well, stay hydrated and snack smart for good health while balancing pregnancy with busy schedules, says an expert. Poornima Shankar, Senior Research Scientist at The Himalaya Drug Company, gives some tips on how mothers and mothers-to-be can recharge their energy: Striking the energy balance: Eating healthy food is important but ensuring that the energy intake is just as much as the energy you release, is more important. If your food intake is greater than the energy spent, you will experience a positive energy balance and gain weight. Likewise, when…

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India where China turned into ‘Seven to ten Years ago’, Says Apple’s Tim prepare dinner

Apple on Tuesday mentioned that worldwide iPhone income have been down for the first time, in step with organisation’s steerage for the zone. but, it had a few top information to file in India, wherein iPhone income grew over 50 percentage. “if you check India, we grew with the aid of 56 percentage, and we are putting growing emphasis in these areas [emerging markets], where it is clear there will be disproportionate growth versus the extra developed regions,” CEO Tim prepare dinner said on the earnings name. In response to…

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