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A Warning Sign for Pancreatic Cancer Could Be Diabetes

Talk about lifestyle diseases and diabetes is sure to top the list. It is a killing machine, literally, affection millions of people worldwide. The shocking part is that more and more young people are falling prey to it. Blame it on the times we live it with unhealthy lifestyle choices that dangerous diseases like this are on the rise. Type 2 diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a life-long condition when the insulin hormone produced by our pancreas is not utilised properly by the cells to break down glucose into energy….

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WARNING! Don’t ignore the snore

Snoring is seen more of a bedtime annoyance for people sleeping together, but little do they know that snoring could be a sign of an underlying health issue called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is one of the most under diagnosed sleep disorders and is more like a silent epidemic. Very few know about the condition and fewer seek treatment. So how do you know if you are suffering from OSA? Dr Navdeep Kumar MD (Medicine), DNB (Neurology) at Indo Gulf Hospital & Diagnostics informs, “If you snore, feel excessively…

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Teens less likely to purchase beverages with health warning labels

Soft drinks and other sugary drinks that include health warning labels are less likely to be purchased by teenagers, a study has found. In the study, researchers used an online survey to gauge the beverage selections of more than 2,000 participants aged 12-18 and from diverse backgrounds. The beverages included either no label at all, or one of five warning labels — one featuring calorie content, and four displaying a variation of warning text. “The average teen consumes at least one sugar-sweetened beverage every day, which could account for more…

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