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Here’s how Systematic Investment Planning can help meet your financial goals

Sundaram Mutual in association with ET NOW has come out with the ‘Sahi SIP’ initiative which aims to encourage people to start saving and investing in a systematic and flexible manner in mutual funds Here’s how SIP can help meet your financial goals We all have aspirations in life, which act as a driving force to work harder and dream bigger. These aspirations define both the short and long-term goals of life and propel us towards planning a host of financial decisions. It always pays to set the goals and…

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Investment planning: Why you need to look at recurring deposits

Recurring deposit (RD) is a form of term deposit offered by banks and post offices through which a fixed amount can be deposited periodically by individuals. This is one of the highly popular and risk free investment opportunities for retail investors. Let us discuss below why one should invest in recurring deposits and factors to be considered while opening the same. Advantages All major banks across the country offer an option to open a recurring deposit account, with the term typically ranging between six months and 10 years, providing individuals…

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Planning for retirement? 5 best investment options

Adhil Shetty After years of hard work, the word retirement brings cheer on many faces while some also get jittery with the mere thought of life without a salary. For a happy and stress-free retirement, you envision a regular flow of income without going to work every day. This can be achieved only when you plan your investments well during your working days for the golden years later on. It is crucial, thus, to choose your plans wisely and carefully. Some of the investment options discussed here can come handy….

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