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Do you use aspirin regularly? It might make colon cancer harder to treat

Daily aspirin use — known to reduce the risk of colon cancer — could also make the disease harder to treat if it does occur, say researchers. The new findings based on mathematical modelling, if confirmed statistically and in the lab, would mean that the aspirin’s ability to ward off colon cancer may come at an unacceptably high cost. Taking aspirin regularly “has been shown to reduce the incidence (of) a variety of cancers,” including of the colon, noted the authors of a study in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface….

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Eating Nuts Regularly Can Battle the Risk of Colon Cancer

A healthy lifestyle coupled with a balanced diet can keep us from falling prey to some of the most debilitating ailments of our time. From garden fresh veggies, fruits, grains to dried fruits and nuts – a wholesome diet is the one that comes laced with all micronutrients essential to our body. Nuts have been a crucial part of our body’s overall development. They are packed with power and can help give an instant energy boost in between two large meals. Dunk them in shakes or smoothies, bake with them…

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Protein can cut progression of both inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer: Study

A new study finds that altering the shape of a protein can significantly reduce the progression of inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. According to researchers, modifying the shape of IRAK-M, a protein that controls inflammation, can significantly reduce the clinical progression of both diseases in pre-clinical animal models. The findings appeared in the eBioMedicine journal. “When we tested mice with the altered IRAK-M protein, they had less inflammation overall and remarkably less cancer,” said Coy Allen from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. The next step, he said, will…

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