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The benefits of using a reputable Edinburgh taxi company for travel

The Scottish city of Edinburgh is a beautiful one and there are many fantastic sights to see and places to visit. It attracts many visitors each year who enjoy being a tourist in the city, whilst the residents of Edinburgh also enjoy living in Scotland’s capital. The historical and cultural attractions ensure that it is the second most popular tourist destination in all of the UK, with London claiming the top spot. A few notable attractions include Edinburgh Castle, Old Town, New Town and the Fringe and Edinburgh International Festival….

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Limiting travel, controlling mosquitoes reduces Zika risk

Zika virus, dengue fever and chikungunya virus are increasingly common in the Caribbean Basin and Latin Americ… Read More To limit mosquito-borne illnesses, including the Zika virus, plan travel carefully, take personal protective measures, and control mosquitoes in and around the home, experts recommend. In most adults, Zika produces no symptoms or only mild symptoms like fever and rash. But children of women infected in pregnancy may be born with microcephaly, or abnormally small heads, which can be linked to seizures, intellectual disability, hearing loss or vision problems, and has…

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10 travel trends expected to grow in 2013

So now that 2012 is over, the world hasn’t come to an end and life continues as normal, and people will continue to travel. Here are 10 travel trends expected to grow in 2013: 1. Increase in the number of independent travellers – The lack of company is not an excuse to plan or postpone travels anymore. People like to go solo and find travelling companions on the go to discover new places and their own self! 2. Domestic travel for festivals – We’ve seen it grow in the past…

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