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How Trumps Tax Proposal Could Impact His Own Business Empire

President Donald Trump’s massive tax-cut proposal would slash taxes on hundreds of businesses he and his family own. The White House on Wednesday unveiled a proposal that would cut the top tax rate for corporations, as well as entities known as pass-through businesses, to 15 percent. That could prove to be a windfall for the Trump Organization, the private umbrella company for hundreds of Trump real estate, licensing and other companies, many of which qualify as pass-through businesses. Trump has refused to release his tax returns, making it impossible to…

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How to make your own tiny garden in a big city

  Most of us grew up amid lush green lawns, some even running into water bodies that were not polluted back then. But gone are those days, and along with them, those gardens which were once a big part of our childhood. And, if you’ve always wondered how to give your children if not the same, but a similar childhood in the cramped city apartments, here’s some help! We spoke to gardening enthusiast, Rashi Rohatgi (who’s also the director of a Delhi based PR firm, W5 Communication, when she’s not…

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