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Harmful Food Additives: Chocolates and Chewing Gums May Harm Your Intestines

No matter a kid or an adult, who doesn’t like candies? A quick sugar dose to lighten the mood, they come in so many options. But regardless of that, these chocolates, caramel sweets, flavoured gum and sour bombs have been rotting our teeth for a while now. While we are aware of their harmful side effects, it seems tough to give them up yet. Despite the enormous sugar content, there is another risk attached with munching candies and chewing gums. Along with tooth decay, chocolates and chewing gums may harm…

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Liquorice (Mulethi) Consumption during Pregnancy Can be Harmful, Experts Warn

Liquorice, popularly known as mulethi in India, has long been used in home-remedies and medicated products for treating sore throat, congestion and a host of other ailments. Despite its myriad health benefits, a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests it to be detrimental to pregnant ladies. A team of experts from the University of Helsinki in Finland studied 378 people ageing 13 years whose mothers consumed liquorice during pregnancy. It was found that fetuses that were exposed to large amount of liquorice in the womb didn’t…

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Radiation from mobile towers not harmful

Allaying fears of radiation from mobile towers, a senior Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) official on Wednesday said that the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation had not been proved. At a customer outreachprogramme , Sunil Bajpai, principal adviser to TRAI, said people were scared of harmful effects of radiation from cellphone towers. However, it has not been established that electromagnetic field radiation from mobile towers causes any harm to humans. While there are several studies on the adverse impact of radiation on people, little research was done on…

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