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Why You Shouldn’t Stand and Drink Water, According to Ayurveda

More than two thirds of the weight of the human body is made up of water. It is essential to keep the body hydrated, and enable waste to move out of the body and improve blood circulation . It maintains spinal and cognitive health. Every day, our body loses significant amount of water. Water must be consumed in such a manner that our body is able to absorb every ounce of it. By chugging water down, we disallow our body to absorb the maximum benefits required for replenishing the system. The way one drinks water…

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The 3 most exciting developments in sports nutrition right now, according to scientists

IT SEEMS LIKE every day a study comes out touting the purported health perks of a new supplement or food or beverage. Gelatin can help you recover faster! Chili pepper supps could help solve the obesity epidemic!Apple peels and green tomatoes could help preserve muscle mass! And while there’s certainly some validity to these claims and probably hundreds more, there’s still a lot “more research needed,” per the scientists behind the studies. And while many of these things are worth trying in an “it can’t hurt” mentality, there are certain…

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5 Habits Worth Cultivating in 2017, According to a Dietitian

Whether you make formal New Year’s resolutions or not, the changing of the calendar often leads to contemplating what changes we might like to see in our lives. On the nutrition front, these are my top five picks for habits worth cultivating in 2017. Cook more Creating and serving even the simplest of meals is a profound way of caring for yourself and your loved ones. Homemade meals tend to be more healthful than ones you purchase, because when you cook from scratch, you know exactly what you’re eating. That…

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