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Family of Engineers Makes Learning a Lifestyle

Terre Haute, IN – The future is bright for the Wabash Valley as some of Terre Haute’s finest minds, are also some of the youngest. WTWO talked to one family that’s made a lifestyle out of learning. Several members of the Langley family are a part of Team Storm. They’re a FIRST Lego League team made up of 9-15-year-old engineers. “It’s a robotics team, and we are challenged to build and program a robot completely out of lego,” says 15-year-old Devon Langley. “You will then program that to autonomously complete…

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Apple to Start Publishing AI Research to Hasten Deep Learning

Apple will allow its artificial intelligence teams to publish research papers for the first time, marking a significant change in strategy that could help accelerate the iPhone maker’s advances in deep learning. When Apple introduced its Siri virtual assistant in 2011, the company appeared to have a head start over many of its nearest competitors. But it has lost ground since then to the likes of Alphabet Inc.’s Google Assistant and Inc.’s Alexa. Researchers say among the reasons Apple has failed to keep pace is its unwillingness to allow…

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Cinnamon May Boost Your Kid’s Learning Ability

Is your kid finding it difficult to memorize lessons at school? Worry not, a new study suggests that adding a pinch of cinnamon to milk or their morning meal may help improve their learning ability, The study led by an Indian-origin researcher and based on a mice-model shows that consumption of cinnamon on a regular basis improved memory and learning at a level found in good learning mice. “This would be one of the safest and the easiest approaches to convert poor learners to good learners,” said lead researcher Kalipada Pahan, professor at…

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